Jeweler Pascale Masselis


Designlabel House of Hermeta Holland and goldsmith Pascale Masselis share a preference for quality, beautiful things, and exclusivity. They also share their knowledge of crafts and materials, whether it’s gold or aluminium, diamond or glass.

They met each other at design fair Meesterlijk in Amsterdam in 2016. Here Masselis showed her jewelry made of gold and gemstones and House of Hermeta Holland also showed it’s handmade ‘jewelry’: the extraordinary collection design hooks Gala, Crude and Tulipa.

Now they meet again, this time in vibrant Diamond city Antwerp. Soon Masselis will put the delicate collection of House of Hermeta Holland on display in her sophisticated jeweler. The studio and shop is based on the stylish interior of a haberdashery store of 1885 that she found in Paris. Here the breathtaking showpieces will strengthen each other in their pure and exclusive beauty. A precious pearl necklace feels at home while hanging on a Gala Superieur. And a refined golden heirloom fits perfectly on a gracious Tulipa. A perfect match.

If you are planning a trip to Antwerp, come and visit the classy store of Pascale Masselis, Zinkstraat 42, Antwerp, Belgium. www.pascalemasselis.com

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