Gala Bronze – Limited Edition

The special edition of the Gala is called Gala Bronze and Gala Superieur Bronze. The massive and sturdy design hook is handmade with love and care, numbered and signed. This luxurious product is art and applied art in one. Gala Bronze and Gala Superieur Bronze will be...

Kunstcentrum Haarlem

Now on display: House of Hermeta at the warehouse of art and design: Kunstcentrum Haarlem. It’s an opportunity to see our beautiful hand made design collection by art director Carina Riezebos.
Experts in the house

Experts in the house

House of Hermeta Holland is a young label that is making its way into the large and busy world of design. In order to improve itself with interesting and useful knowledge about this world and to grow further, HO3 seeks the aid of experts. Experts who give us...

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