Back to the Roots, Dutch craftsmanship from Rotterdam

During the twenties of last century, Mr. Kurt Thamer from Hamburg, Germany, established the present company at the Spaanse bocht in Rotterdam. The later co-owners, the Herrewijn family, had their origins in Rotterdam too. Rotterdam and its energy have for ages been synonymous with Hermeta and the people working there. Here, craftsmanship, creativity and design go hand in hand.


The new design label House of Hermeta Holland has the new colour Rotterdam 1920, which is inspired by its Rotterdam background and its special craft. The colour, still in the experimental stages, has properties of steel and greyish blue. Just like the colour New Amsterdam, many different aspects of its development will be shown at Object Rotterdam.

Crude Button 46

At this moment Ho3 is still working on the colour development within the new range of products. The colour Rotterdam 1920 plays an important role here. The colour stands for – what else! – hard work, sturdiness and robustness. At Object Rotterdam you can get acquainted with these first colour proofs and you have the opportunity to buy our Crude button 46 separately and once-only!

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