After its distinguished predecessors Crude and Gala, House of Hermeta Holland presents itself for the second time at the event Meesterlijk, Design and Craft 2016. The design brand will show two new exclusive design hooks:


The aesthetically styled Tulipa combines an elegant stem and a refined leaf of anodized aluminium with a sparkling hand-blown flower in bright red, intense black or transparent glass. The ‘Tulipa from Amsterdam’ is presented in the self-developed warm colour New Amsterdam.

Gala Bronze, limited edition

House of Hermeta Holland also shows the elegant and robust Gala Bronze and Gala Bronze Superieur, special editions of the Gala, the design hook based upon Dalí’s dripping and melting shapes. The remarkable design of massive bronze has a polished or a scalloped finish and is also inspired by the snakelike jewellery of the Salvador Dalí collection.

New Amsterdam in champagne pink

Amsterdam as a cosmopolitan and lively city, uniting history and future, creativity and progressiveness, is the source of inspiration for the origin of the warm colour New Amsterdam, developed by House of Hermeta Holland. The design brand has captured the vibrant identity of the city in a stylish, chic and intense champagne pink glow. It can provide every hand-cast and polished aluminium design hook in the collection with this unique colour.

For House of Hermeta Holland VR Producties made a special 360 degrees short film about the new colour New Amsterdam. With the Oculus Rift you can experience an atmospheric virtual reality journey along the precious and authentic spots of Amsterdam. The rising sun puts a warm glow over the canal houses and bridges and the colouring clouds above the Rijksmuseum. The video is an ode to the luxurious and stylish home-developed colour and opens at the event ‘Meesterlijk’.


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