New Amsterdam colours House of Hermeta Holland champagne pink

Amsterdam awakens when the rising sun throws its glowing light on the city. A cosmopolitan city uniting history and future, creativity and progressiveness. A lively city that starts a new dazzling day in which elegance, beauty and a variety of cultures come together.
These undeniable characteristics are the source of inspiration for the origin of the warm colour New Amsterdam developed by House of Hermeta Holland. The design brand has captured the vibrant identity of the city in a stylish champagne pink shade.

‘Just like the stylish drinking of a glass Moët et Chandon Rosé, the champagne pink colour New Amsterdam is a tribute to the good life’ 

Art director Carina Riezebos and the skilled craftsmen of House of Hermeta Holland experimented during the anodizing process with different chemical colour baths. Like alchemists and colour researchers they combined metal oxides that usually cannot be mixed because of their chemical composition. These creative minds pulled it off to blend the apparent non-mixing colours. In this way the hand-cast and polished aluminium design hooks obtained an intense colour that is printed into the pores of the skin like a velvety tattoo. New Amsterdam provides the elegant steel of the Tulipa with a silvery warm glow and the Crude with a subtle, silky second skin.
The unique colour New Amsterdam can provide every design hook in the collection of House of Hermeta Holland with this chic, intense glow. A warm pink gold just as enchanting, progressive and infinitely daring as the metropolis Amsterdam.

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