Designer, producer, art director and entrepreneur Carina Riezebos loves glass and crystal dearly. Her search for new techniques and special clear colour combinations result in the most creative, glittering carafes, vases, appetizer spoons, wine glasses, dishes and soup bowls. In her unique objects and small series she shows a preference for exceptional and amorphous shapes. Her magic treatment of glass balances between a consumer product and an art object. Riezebos sells her work under the label ‘Carina’ but she also designs and produces for others, e.g. Royal Leerdam Crystal with whom she is linked as house designer. She applied her passion for glass and crystal also to the Crude collection, in which she shows an intimate relationship between the vivid pink or smoke grey glass rosette and the rough aluminium knob.

Design of Carina Riezebos for Royal Leerdam Crystal. Master glassblower Marco Lopualan and Mehmet Okkuscu.
Text: Viveka van de Vliet

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