On Saturday the 28th and Sunday the 29th of November, Nicole Uniquole, curator of Meesterlijk Design and Craft and Anna Borsboom, founder and editor of Stylink, organized a trend event for designers, makers, stylists and retailers.
In her lecture the influential Borsboom referred to House of Hermeta Holland’s Gala Bronze. She says: “In our fragmented and polarized society rituals are – whether or not self-created – more and more important. On the basis of three style trends, I show how brands and manufacturers respond to this need with new shapes, colors and textures that are imbued with subtle symbolism and complex invocations. A good example is the Gala Bronze, because it is a handmade, tactile and imaginative design hook that bestows meaning on an everyday actions. The scalloped or polished design hook is not a self-evident product that makes life better and more enjoyable.”


Left:Scalloped Gala Bronze; right: Genesini Hooks

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